We don't put square pegs in rounds holes.

Creative talent management solutions from Opportunities Consulting.

Talent Solutions

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Development
  • Workforce Strategy

Explore our Capabilities

Gain Fresh Perspective

  • Define real workforce requirements
  • Understand performance benchmarks
  • Reduce time to achieve full competence
  • Adopt high performance techniques
  • Expand your talent horizons

Consider our Insights

Maximise Impact

  • Codified solutions that solve issues
  • Increasing and embedding skills
  • Reinforcing beliefs and systems
  • Structured learning and development 
  • Introduction to trusted specialists

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About Us

Opportunities Consulting provides effective talent management solutions for business.  Our skills cover attraction, selection, performance management and workforce strategy.

We take a refreshingly hands-on approach to getting to know our clients and candidates so that we can make successful introductions that will endure.

Our team brings a wealth of expertise from their business and corporate careers to utilise on behalf of our clients:

  • Board level corporate roles
  • Business Ownership
  • International Experience
  • Professional / Academic Qualifications
  • Active commitment to Continuous Professional Development

Our business has been established since 2011 supporting clients in the UK and beyond to define strategies, build teams, refine systems and plan for the future.

Learning & development that drives performance

Business Issues:

  • Productivity and performance of existing staff
  • Lack of formal leadership and management training
  • Time to commit to learning and development
  • Flexibility of learning provider solutions

Our Solution:

We provide comprehensive learning and development programmes for our clients to embed knowledge, skills and behaviours into everyday business practice.

Our programmes cover the following subject areas:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Improvement Techniques
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Effective Workplace Behaviours

Bespoke client programmes can be delivered to meet your specific requirements.

Improved Recruitment.

Retained search and selection for hard to fill jobs.

Business Issues:

  • Availability of talent
  • Availability of management time to support recruitment
  • Cost of recruitment solutions
  • Prevalence of mis-hires

Our Solution:

Successful recruitment depends on six key factors:

  • Candidate Availability
  • Fit
  • Time to Perform
  • Retention
  • Recruiter Expertise
  • Value of Money

By applying best in class techniques to all aspects of the recruitment process, Opportunities Consulting provide our clients with a recruitment service that provides significantly improved value for money compared with traditional model.

Workforce Strategy. Business Refresh programme.

Business Issue:

  • Lack of senior HR expertise within your organisation
  • Lack of effective strategies for attracting and retaining key talent
  • Lack of effective training strategies to drive productivity
  • No compelling requirement for full time HR Director level resource

Our Solution:

Business Refresh is a 12-month programme that helps SME business owners to develop effective talent management strategies.

  • Benchmark your performance compared to industry peers
  • Create an effective employer brand proposition
  • Create winning resourcing strategies
  • Develop key individuals
  • Address issues with under-performance
  • Create remuneration packages that boost business
  • Create succession and growth plans

By combining easy to use apps with coaching from our team, business owners can refresh their business to secure significant earnings, systems and productivity improvements.

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